Sunday, October 30, 2011

We are home owners!

I have got to update our living situation. It's been almost one year since we found our house with our realtor, Julie Cary. I want to be completely safe with this blog thing- and not put our address or anything- but here are some images of us in our latest stage as home owners!

Our house is so perfect for us. It is a split level with woods on the sides and back yard- with a really good play set we got from some nice friends for free. We have three bathrooms- one tub and one with just a shower. All of our belongings and art fit well inside- and the next big project I have in mind is to divide all the kids' toys and books into groups and store them in the attic and rotate them so we have less out at one time and when we get the old stuff out it will be like new to everyone. Please excuse my random placement of photos- I have no idea how to place them. Blogging is not really my thing! Facebook is!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Latest Move

We moved up the street from our awesome little garage apartment to a 100 year old rental house in February. It was originally a summer home up at Love Point on Kent Island in Stevensville Maryland right on the Chesapeake Bay. It has had a lot of work done on it by our sweet landlord, Chris and his son-in-law the previous tenant B.J. Weibell. We froze this winter since the house is not insulated very well. But the heat stays out in the summer too and is shaded by lots of trees.
Here are some pictures of our lovely new residence.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We had a great turnout from our church friends helping with the move today- so we are all packed up and out and ready to go to our new house. Here are some photos of the fun times we've had in this place. And one I took just now. Next post will be from the library!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My first blog entry ever

I want this to be something super fantastic and special- so here goes:
True to myself. I am Natalie Allyene Nielsen-Moon. I am about to write a lot of "I am"s. Here goes: I am a fun person. I am a fun mom. I think I have always been a mom- I just didn't have the kids in my arms yet. I am a compassionate person. I always have a listening ear to give. I'll listen first when getting to know someone- I remember a lot of details people give me because I write a lot of it down and review it later. I like to learn about lives that are completely different than my own.
I also like to find things I have in common with other people. I am proud that of my family.
I drop names often- not meaning to gossip- but I do. I am an intelligent person. I like to say smart things but sometimes I have trouble making a clear point. I just let people I talk to make their own conclusions of what I'm trying to say. I like to document things. I write in journals and datebooks.
I have been in love twice. I have kissed 4 guys in my life (passionately). The first two initiated the kiss and I didn't like them very much- the 2nd two were special. I'm glad I kept my kisses sacred after that. I wish I had remained VL (Virgin Lipped) until the day I got married- I wonder if life would be diffferent if I had. I don't waste money on shiny new things like jewelry and cars. I love a bargain. I love coupons. I used to wear really flamboyant clothes as a kid- and have simmered it down a lot since then. I think people used to be embarrassed to be seen with me when I was dressed in flourescent orange dresses or tons of different patterned clothes- but my mom kept buying me stuff and I'd wear it- I almost was voted best dressed in 12th grade- people came up to me after the awards were given out- and said they voted for me even though I didn't win. I didn't even know I was up for the nomination. I do love good quality things like my Gucci sunglasses- which I have recently misplaced. My mom got them for me... well, she got them for herself and then I asked if I could have them. (Aren't they cute? And totally block out the sun.)